Conquer Networking. For Introverts.

Real.    Different.   Powerful.    Guaranteed.

Are you nervous or anxious about entering a crowded networking event?  Terrified even?

Do you get exhausted just thinking about networking?

Are you concerned that your time will be wasted by selecting the wrong event?

Have you been told that you need to network or else…  so you have to.

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, this talk and workshop is designed for you.  This talk and workshop is about making your life richer through expanding your circle of friends and acquaintances, and being comfortable doing it for the long run.

Networking can be comfortable for us quiet-types, too.  We just need to look at it slightly differently and possibly take different steps to make it a long range commitment.

This workshop is about that change and those steps.  It is the culmination of more than 30 years of research and experience in working with people and connecting with others.

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During this workshop we’ll:

  • Confront and re-calibrate our perception of networking
  • Learn to leverage traits that turn out to be hidden or less-obvious strengths
  • Conquer fear, anxiety, and the excuses used to avoid networking through process and practice
  • Learn to use reliable tools that allow us to balance networking with the preferences of our personality.


Ever have had that nice, warm, fuzzy feeling of confidence at a talk suddenly dissipate when the knowledge and skills are about to be put to action?  Me too.

I don’t want to leave you that way.

Along with the talk and workshop, every attendee will receive 30-minutes of phone coaching.  Coaching will be during normal business hours and arranged in advance (say, before entering a networking event).  Coaching is not transferable.

What this training is not.

Talking about what this training won’t do is as important as what it will do.  This one is different.

This is not a “networking for leads or sales” workshop. This is about building a network for the long haul which will happen to produce leads and sales over the course of time.

This is not a pep rally with a light show.  We’re working.

This is not a just sit and listen and get all the answers session.  There will be work and some of it may likely challenge your comfort and paradigms.

This is not a “create an instant network now” training.  You already have one – we will work to add to what you have at a comfortable pace.

This is not a “blame others”  session.  The buck will stop here.  We will be confronting and challenging ourselves  and  our perceptions.  We will be accepting accountability for change.

This is not a large group of people.  This will be a small group of people determined, like you, to change.

You will not be asked to share your fears to this group or the world.  You will be asked to face them though.  It is important to recognize them so you can overcome them .  Some fears are unfounded. Some concerns are worth your attention and need to be addressed.   Neither should stop you.

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What to expect

This will be a combination presentation and workshop.  Duration of the presentation will be approximately an hour.  After the presentation, we’ll get to work with finding the right event, how to prepare for events, ensuring we can hold our own in conversations, and follow up suggestions.

We will be working out of a binder that you can use for notes and has all applicable material for the presentation and work time.

The 110% Guarantee

If you don’t think this event is a worthy investment, you’ll be refunded 110% of the cost.

At the break after the talk segment, just leave the materials in the room and your refund will be sent to you the same day.

We want you to be completely satisfied with this training, but we also understand it will not be for everyone.  There are different levels of experience and need, and if this doesn’t fit where you are then you shouldn’t be expected to pay for something that isn’t useful.

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