Painted Rock is about a different perspective.

Not too long ago I asked a friend what she thought my super-power was.  She said, “You see the relationships between things that no one else sees.  You see things differently.”

As I began speaking about professional networking a while back, I was being told something similar – that people had not considered my information. That it was from a different perspective.

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About Keith

Keith McHugh is a consultant and professional real estate solutions provider in Dane County in Wisconsin. He began public speaking informally in the late 80’s by providing in-bound call handling and technology training to Realtors in his office.  Most recently, presentations have included University of Wisconsin – Madison, American Family DreamBank, and the Middleton Chamber of Commerce.

Keith is a native of Arlington, VA who moved to Madison, WI after enjoying spring snow during a short visit.  He has a Bachelors of Business Administration with a focus on Small Business Management from UW-Madison.  He draws from a diversified background of experience including entrepreneur at age 10, professional baker, production manager, Realtor, and executive leadership.

Outside of work he thoroughly enjoys connecting others to resources, is involved with coaching his daughters’ soccer teams, frequently swaps restaurant recommendations, and assists with the Bike for Boys & Girls Club and Lily’s Fund annual fund raisers.