Painted Rocks

So what is up with the rocks? And why the name, “Painted Rock?”

The answer comes with two stories.

Not too long ago I asked a friend what she thought my super-power was.  She said, “You see the relationships between things that no one else sees.  You see things differently.”

As I began speaking a while back, I was being told something similar – that people had not considered my information. That it was from a different perspective.

Next, go back many decades to when I would walk the dogs with my dad.  He would stop from time to time, pick up a rock along the path and bring it home.  At some point after that, we (the family) would see a new ‘painted rock’ added to the collection.

He always taught me that seeing a situation from different perspectives was a good thing.  Consider different angles of what was being said or seen.   Look at a building or car from a different perspective and you may have a hard time figuring out what it was (he actually did this for our Easter egg hunts by leaving clues in the form of drawings of household items from different perspectives and we would have to figure out what the item was to find eggs).opt_paintedrock-259-sm

The rocks above are the actual rocks I have from my dad’s collection. There are more that I’ll share from time to time.

They represent what I strive to deliver in my work: a different, useful, thoughtful perspective.

If you are interested in getting a fresh perspective on topics I present or of a business challenge you face, I would enjoy hearing from you.